Where is my Window?

We have all done it before.  Disconnected from one monitor to another on our laptop and it always seems that the ONE window that you need is still stuck on the old monitor somewhere and you can’t access it.  With Windows 2000 – Windows 7, you would simply right-click on the window in the task-bar and you could bring it back.  With Windows 8 and Windows 10, that does not always work.  I had to play around one morning when I had a lot of deadlines, but I finally figure it out.  I tried a couple of things first though.

  1. One old trick that I remembered is that you could close the application.  I remembered the prompts to save my work first even though I could not see what I was doing.  Restart the application, go to Display Settings–>Advanced Display Settings and change the resolution to another value and hit Apply.  Sometimes, that will rearrange all your windows for you. In my case this pesky application still would not move.
  2. I tried the Cascade Windows again by right-clicking on the application.

The final working solution was to hold down the SHIFT key while Right-Clicking on the application on the Taskbar and choosing move.  I could then select where I wanted it.  So, that is just a little trick you can use when your window gets “stuck” somewhere and you can not access it.

Where is my Window?
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