View List of Installed Windows Updates

I know it has been WAY too long since I have posted a blog on Technology Tips of Solutions For Life.  I took a break, but I am back and you should see one blog per week again.  Solutions For Life will be taking an active role in the community again.

That being said, lets talk about today’s topic.  I can’t count how many times where an application has gone down after patch day.  Then, after you figure out which patches were installed, you have to look through this long unfriendly list of updates to try to find that one problem update.  Isn’t there an easier way?  Yes, there is – PowerShell.
There is no rocket-science to this script and it is in fact rather short.  However, it has been a LIFE-SAVER for me!!  Here it is:

$winupdate = new-object -com “Microsoft.Update.Searcher”
$updatescount = $winupdate.GetTotalHistoryCount()
$winupdate.QueryHistory(0,$updatescount)|select title

View Installed Windows Updates - PowerShell
View Installed Windows Updates – PowerShell

Now, if you want to get fancy with this little script, you could output the results to a text file so you can search it. Simply add the following after select title: 
| out-file c:\temp\installedupdatelist.txt

Again, nothing too fancy, but this will definitely save you some serious time!!

View List of Installed Windows Updates